Dear Members of the Small Districts Caucus, 


    As the President of a more active and vocal Small Districts Caucus (SDC), I want to welcome you to our new website.  It is still under construction and we invite our members to let us know what you would like included on this website. 

    Texas is a big state made up of 254 counties, more than any other state.  The number of licensed physicians in Texas counties ranges from 11,425 in Harris County (Houston) to only 1 physician in a dozen of the smaller counties in Texas.   

    The Texas Medical Association has a big House of Delegates made up of around 450 delegates from the various county medical societies.  In the past the TMA governance and policies have been controlled by the block votes of the larger counties of Harris (Houston), Dallas, Bexar (San Antonio), Travis (Austin) and Tarrant (Fort Worth). 

    To create a more balanced distribution of control throughout the TMA House of Delegates, the Acey–Deucey Caucus was formed in 1985 and was composed of county medical societies with one or two delegates.  The name was changed to the Small Districts Caucus in 1999.  We will continue to work together for better geographical representation. 

    Now delegates and alternate delegates of smaller county medical societies feel more confident that their views will be heard and their votes will count!  We intend to be vocal on the issues that are important to smaller county medical societies.  We also want our Small District Caucus delegates to have a voice in the election process so that smaller county medical societies are better represented in the balance of power within the House of Delegates and the leadership of the Texas Medical Association.  

    As a member of the Small Districts Caucus or the West Texas Caucus we need your continued support. 

Together We Will Be Even Stronger!  

    It is important that you plan to attend all the sessions of the 2012 TMA House of Delegates meeting at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas on Friday, May 19, and Saturday, May 19, 2012.  Keep checking this website for additional new information. 


Gerald Raymond “Ray” Callas, MD 

Chair, Small Districts Caucus